Countdown to the Trail

Rolling Into Idaho and Down Big Hill

By the time the pioneers had entered Idaho, they had traveled over 1,300 miles with approximately 700 miles left on their journey to Oregon City, Oregon. The excitement of the adventure had dissipated into the heat and exhaustion that had settled upon the wagon trains by July and August when they would be crossing into Idaho.

Follow this link to learn about the obstacles and dangers the pioneers found in the next to last state they would cross on their journey to their destination and all the promise that awaited them there.


Welcome to Idaho Sign


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Equipment Needed for the Trail

A GoPro, batteries, and tripods…oh my! The Pedaling Pioneer goes over the essentials he needs in order to share his Oregon Trail adventure with you! The essentials needed by the emigrants in the 1800’s were much different and critical for survival:

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A Tour of Mr. H’s New Wagon

The Pedaling Pioneer gives a tour of his modern day wagon…oxen not included.

See how Mr. H’s wagon compares to what the emigrants used on the Oregon Trail.


Click on the link below to learn more about the wagons used on the Trail.


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A New Face and New Adventures: The Oregon Trail Part 2

Check out our plans for the new Oregon Trail adventures coming soon to a summer near you!

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My “Turnaround”

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Q & A with the Pedaling Pioneer…a.k.a. Mr. Haertling!

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Oregon Trail and Game

Take some time off and play the old Oregon Trail Game from the old Apple II, you won’t regret it.  You’ll learn about the Oregon Trail itself and you will be reminded of how far we have come in video game design!

This Day in History, from the History Channel – May 22, 1843:

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Oregon Trail Quiz Question #1

Pioneers on the Oregon Trail built fires to cook food, ward off wildlife, and keep warm on cold nights on the prairie. Which of these did they use to fuel their fires?





Cow Patty #1

Buffalo Poo?

(Students, do not try this at HOME! I am a trained professional in the handling of Poo.)

Due to the unsanitary handling of feces, this video has been banned for younger audiences!

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Countdown to the Oregon Trail!

The Oregon Trail is out there waiting…and we can’t wait to show it to you!

From May 29th-June 20th, incoming 6th and 7th grade students at Jackson Middle School in Jackson, Missouri, will go on a virtual adventure with World Geography teacher Brad Haertling as he bikes the Oregon Trail!  Communicating and learning via posts on this website, students will make the trip with Brad and build on that experience with activities in the physical classroom.

But just because YOU aren’t in summer school doesn’t mean you can’t come along!  Follow our blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for fun facts and stories leading up to Brad’s departure from Independence, Missouri on May 29th.  Then, ride along as we travel the trail!

Follow this link to get a basic introduction to the Oregon Trail, “One of the ten most important events in American History?”:

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