Oregon Trail Quiz Question #1

Pioneers on the Oregon Trail built fires to cook food, ward off wildlife, and keep warm on cold nights on the prairie. Which of these did they use to fuel their fires?





Cow Patty #1

Buffalo Poo?

(Students, do not try this at HOME! I am a trained professional in the handling of Poo.)

Due to the unsanitary handling of feces, this video has been banned for younger audiences!

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10 thoughts on “Oregon Trail Quiz Question #1

  1. Monica

    Do you have a buffalo living in your backyard? If not, where did you get that poo?????

  2. Sandra Smith

    You know you can buy anything on E-bay!!! lol

  3. Barbara Haetling

    Buffalo poo….Your Father is speechless!!!!!!!!

  4. rosie

    Would the buffalo poo make the food taste like buffalo poo?

  5. rosie

    after cooking with buffalo pooooo ????

  6. Matt Schumer

    I accidentally played this video for my children, aged 13, before noticing the disclaimer regarding ‘younger audiences’. They now have questions regarding the handling of feces. What do you recommend I do now?

  7. Mmmmm, good question Matt! (I’m thinking about the mind eraser gadget that Will Smith used on MIB!)
    Seriously, bodily fluids are not a joking matter, and we take all comments seriously….. the use of sterile gloves, and proper disposal of feces is my recommendation.
    I understand that YOU are the bike rider! Care to join me for some days on the prairie?

    • Matt Schumer

      Brad, sorry for the levity, but we take very few matters seriously around our house. Rest assured, however, that we use clean technique in handling all human waste.

      I can but dream of camping on the prairie, as my employment offers no sabbatical. I am sincerely looking at a sponsorship, however, and will contact you when I know more.

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