Our Mission

Who are we?

We are experienced educators taking a new and groundbreaking approach to learning.

Our mission:

Our mission is to combine adventure and learning to take students around the globe with… the Pedaling Pioneer!

How do we do it?

Take a teacher with boundless energy and a passion for discovery and put him on a bike.  Send him out with a camera, a computer, and a lot of protein bars!  Connect him to the kids in a way they understand – videos, chat sessions, photos, blogs, and tweets – and let him show them the world!  The world where history is a real place and geography is a real obstacle.  Give them a hands-in-the-dirt, wheels-on-the-road, wind-in-your-face kind of experience that takes learning to a whole new level!

Where to?

Brad Haertling, 7th grade World Geography teacher and cycling enthusiast, is going international after two summers on the Oregon Trail!  Brad will bike 1,100 miles from Hanoi, Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from June 2nd to June 23rd, 2016.  As he travels he’ll be connecting with a class of 6th and 7th graders in Jackson, Missouri via e-mail, text messages, and video chat to answer their questions and lead them on their learning journey.


7 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. Karma Wibbenmeyer

    Brad, I am so excited about your adventure. I love history and wish I could be traveling along with you. I have shared your web-site with the community of Veritas Academy in Austin, Texas.

  2. Thank you for passing this along. We would love to have other classes involved!!!

  3. rosie

    My daughter is one of your 7th grade students. And she is very excited to see the Oregon Trail with you.

  4. Greg Deimund

    As one of Brad’s life long friends I am inspired “again” by his passion to teach by action. The Pedaling Pioneer has never lacked imagination in fact his mind never sleeps and his curiosity is always fueling his persuit of life to its fullest. I would encourage anyone who has a sense of adventure to follow the trial with the Pedaling Pioneer team and dream big as they ride us through the pages of history. See you on the Oregon trail.

  5. Thank you for the good words, ‘Ol Buddy! I will try to make you proud!

  6. Shelia Haertling

    Greg you are correct, his mind never sleeps and he is ALWAYS looking for the next adventure! He does love history and sharing it with his students. Maybe if I would have had a teacher that had a passion for history I would be more interested in learning about it. Brad’s passion and fun personality is one of the many reasons he is a great teacher! See ya behind the scenes on the Oregon trail.

  7. Kiersten Vincent

    I can definitely say that I will be following through with the pedaling pioneers on this great adventure! The videos give great insight into what is happening around the world, while also showing the humor I’ve missed from my seventh grade year! Can’t wait for more videos to come!!

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