Cham Towers

The Cham Towers were built around 781-1000 A.D. They were designed as a place of worship for an ancient civilization that once ruled the area that we know as Vietnam today. I knew they existed, but was surprised to see them pop up in places along Highway 1 as we made our way south…..

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You have to expect some of this when you ride 1,100 miles!  Down, but not out.

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Saigon, ho!

Saigon, ho! – a cyclist’s cry announcing sight of Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon.

HCMC flag.png

Made it!  Representing Jackson, Missouri, USA in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam!

First we had to get to a bike shop to disassemble and pack our bikes for the journey home.  We rode on four wheels for safety – you wouldn’t believe the traffic!

HCMC 2.2

Special thanks to our city guide Chad and translator Sang for helping us navigate the craziness that is Ho Chi Minh City.

Next order of business was visiting Uncle Ho’s statue at Ho Chi Minh City Hall and thanking all of the awesome people who made this trip possible!

Thank you for following our journey!  Plenty more from the road still to come!

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Project: Vietnam

My cool Pedaling Pioneer:  Vietnam stateside classes sculpted physical maps out of salt dough, then they painted and labeled the different regions to help them learn about the geography of Vietnam as I traveled.  They also chose Vietnamese names to go by in class.  Check them out!

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Zack attack

Just outside of Dong Hoi, I met Zack, an American English teacher in Vietnam.  It was great getting to hear about life in Vietnam from someone who lives it!

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Taking care of “business”

In the United States, we say “rest” stop, but we all know what we’re there to do.  In Vietnam, there are rest stops where you can actually REST for a while in a hammock!

But for the other thing, the facilities are completely different from what Americans are used to.

Remember the rocket ship toilet in Japan?  Compare that to an actual hole in the wall!


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The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Sometimes you have to get off the beaten path (Highway 1, which we’ve been following our entire journey).

And you get to see cool stuff like this.

Sometimes you then have trouble getting back ON the beaten path.

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Where’s Brad?

WE MADE IT!  After 21 days and 1100 miles, Danny and I completed our trans-Vietnam journey from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.  Thanks to all of you, especially my Jackson Middle School summer school class, for following along!

Stay tuned – there are tons more stories, pictures, and videos coming from the road!

Vietnam day 21

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The cutest 6th grader ever

This smart little cookie is Trung.

She’s 10 and plans to be an English teacher.  She has clearly had a good one herself!  Vietnamese and English couldn’t be more different, which makes her English skills all the more impressive!

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Feast your eyes on this!  I’ve eaten mainly rice, vegetables, and meat in Vietnam.

One of my on-the-go foods is bánh mì, or hot buns, sometimes stuffed with meat or rice & veggies.  Bánh mì comes from colonial times when the French brought baguettes with them to Vietnam.

Drinks and snacks and strange fruits – oh my!

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