Elixir of life

When I checked out of my hotel room the other day, I had planned to give the hotel a credit card, but they told me that they would only accept Vietnamese money, called dong.  So I spent all the dong that I had on the hotel room and couldn’t get any more before we left town.  We stopped to get water, and I realized that I only had dollars.  When I asked the shopkeeper if he would take that, he said no!  After some negotiations, he finally took my dollars.  Then I tried to get dong at a gas station, but the guy was going to gouge me!  Finally, after several tense minutes, we found a bank and all was well.  Why was this so critical?  No dong = can’t buy water = WE WILL DIE!

water - buying

We’re saved!

water - hauling

I need to follow this guy!


Back in business!

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