Pony Express stations, equipment, and a word from our sponsor!

Lasting only 18 months, the Pony Express has left us with a memory of the Wild West……

An “old timer” just told me that the horses for the Pony Express were so wild that the Pony Express Station fences were shaped like a triangle instead of a square, so that they could catch the ponies in the corners more easily!

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2 thoughts on “Pony Express stations, equipment, and a word from our sponsor!

  1. Love hearing about the Pony Express! Did I miss the video for Chimney Rock? It says you had 5 flat tires that day. Will you be passing Independence Rock? Those are two areas I would love to see! Stay safe!

  2. Matt Schumer

    Riding a ‘Portland’ on the Oregon trail…how apropos. I continue to enjoy your posts. How good are you at identifying and speciating snakes? Or is that Sheila’s expertise?

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