Pony Express Home Station and wildlife on the Oregon Trail.

Learn about the Pony Express from “This day in History” from the History Channel.  On the 3rd of April 1860, the first Pony Express mail, traveling by horse and rider relay teams, simultaneously leaves St. Joseph, Missouri, and Sacramento, California.


Check out the Pony Express National Museum in St. Joseph, MO.  Be sure to check out the info under the “About” tab: http://ponyexpress.org/?page_id=8

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One thought on “Pony Express Home Station and wildlife on the Oregon Trail.

  1. This is absolutely wonderful! I would love to sit in on one of your classes. I taught history for years, but, when you can actually BE where History has taken place, then, you get the feel of how this great country came to be. I always tried to bring my trips back to the classroom, and, instill the joy of combining travel, learning, and History together. We need more teachers like YOU, Brad!!

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