Pedaling Pioneer Races a Train in Kansas!!!!

Care to learn about the Evolution of the Railroad? Watch this Modern Marvels video from the History Channel:

Is this the same type of train the Pedaling Pioneer raced in Kansas?

Too bad the pioneers couldn’t just take the train! Find out how the Transcontinental Railroad eventually connected the west with the rest of the nation:

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8 thoughts on “Pedaling Pioneer Races a Train in Kansas!!!!

  1. How FUN!!!! Did they hit their horn at you? LOVIN this site!!

  2. Oh Yea! The engineer was leaning out his window, blowing his horn!!! (He knew that he was in for a real race!!!! )

  3. Bill

    Jefferson County, Fairbury, and Rock Creek Station State Park hold there history days June 1 & 2, 2013. Re-enactment of the James Butler Hickok-David C. McCandles shoot out at Rock Creek Station. Would be great if you coulde record it for your class.

    • Bill, Thank you for letting me know, unfortunately I will be over a 1000 miles from there today. i really hate that because I really wanted to tell the story of the shooting! I will see you next week, Brad

  4. Rus Adams

    If you had not slacked off on your training before starting your Pedaling Pioneer trek, “you could’a been a contender”. We are still happy you gave it a solid Fighten Indian try!

  5. Scotty

    Let’s practice keeping both hands on the wheel Mister…looks like fun!

  6. Matt Schumer

    Tailwind woulda helped. Nice go at it, though!

  7. sarah

    your fast! good job! i bet you can bet a train next summer!

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